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Project Highlight - University of Southampton

The Challenge

After an exceptionally harsh winter, Garland were approached by the university’s Estates Manager to find a solution to a leaking roof section causing the disruption to lectures. A common issue we see with many types of standing seam metal roofing systems is water ingress through capillary action or by driving rain. This is typically caused by poor installation of the system and damage due to inadequate access for on-site maintenance. As the standing seam system in question was not fully supported, the panels were free to deflect under foot traffic which led to gaps in the system allowing for water to enter the building.

A thorough survey carried out by the Garland Technical Manager identified that many attempts had been made to rectify the issue using expanding foam and other temporary measures. Rather than a typical liquid coating, which may only provide a short term fix, it was decided that a complete overhaul of the system would be required.

The Solution

The proposed solution was to raise the roof height by installing additional insulation above the existing metal structure. A tongue and groove plywood deck then gave a uniform level to which Garland's StressPly Evolution was applied, encapsulating the roof. This system was not only quick to install, as there was no need to remove the existing structure, but also gave a reassuring single point warranty of 20 years.

By raising the profile this improved the drainage systems by increasing gutter capacity and flow efficiency, meaning less maintenance would be required in the future. The anti-slip cap sheet gave a durable surface allowing safe access for the maintenance team. Finally, the additional layer of insulation greatly increased the thermal efficiency of the building..

Upon completion of the project, the client was very happy with the final outcome and was confident in the new system. Another great partnership between client, contractor and full-service manufacturer.
Project Highlight - West Midlands Fire Service


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Monday, 08 March 2021

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