Dale Thomas

Regional Technical Manager

Years with Garland?
6 years serving Garland.

Years in region?
6 years.

Years living and work in that region?
26 years and serving.

Education, as applicable to your current job?
1987 – 1991: Roofer Apprenticeship.

Job history, as applicable to your current job?
I have nearly two decades of experience in both roofing and project management, allowing me to excel in my role as a Garland Regional Technical Manager.

Hobbies and community activities?
I love to play golf socially and with business partners and enjoy watching Rugby and football.

Every rep has his own way of running his business, of differentiating himself from the competition – what do you consider your biggest differentiator in your market – what makes you special?
Service and Professionalism: I believe that I give the best service available in this market. I’m available 24/7 for my clients and I always go the extra mile. I also pride myself on doing what’s right for the client; it’s not about selling a new waterproofing system to meet targets, it’s about making the right decisions and giving the best solutions to my clients even if doing it the right way means doing nothing.

Greatest achievement to date with Garland?
My greatest achievement is being a success at Garland by developing my business and working with Surveyors, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and Private Clients and being able to bring them the best customer service in the industry. This is proven by the fact that once I’ve worked with a client, I continue to work with them. My clients have said that the service I provide is invaluable in today’s marketplace.

Anything else to share that would help prospective customers understand and appreciate the value of developing a consultative relationship with you?
Garland has many products within its portfolio, but, by far, the best product is our service, which I truly believe is the best in the industry. I would like to say that once a prospective customer uses Garland and myself for the first time, his project is in safe hands. When dealing with Garland on a roofing project, you will only be dealing with myself on that project. I will be there from the initial roof survey, to on-site progress reports, to issuing of the guarantees. One rep, only a phone call away and most of all knowing that your roof is in good hands.