Differentiating Ourselves From the Competition.

Our locally based representatives work one-on-one with facility managers and building owners to develop comprehensive roof management plans based on performance, budgetary, and scheduling requirements.

Different Approach

As the face of Garland, our representatives deliver more than materials, they deliver the knowledge you need to analyse problems and resolve them and the hands-on support required to maximise the return on your capital investment.

Additionally, since Garland is a 100 percent employee-owned company, each representative has a very personal interest in the outcome of every project. By monitoring each project, during and after the job, we are able to ensure that your roofs are installed as specified and properly maintained. Additional ways in which we separate ourselves from the competition include:

  • People-first philosophy designed to treat our partners both within and outside the company with respect.
  • Upside down organisational chart that puts the customer on top, sales people as the direct link to customers, and everyone else supporting the sales rep in serving customer needs.
  • Problem-solving, consultative, long-term relationships with customers.
  • Customer-responsive, real-world research with significant on-going investments in new product development, manufacturing, and process improvements.
  • Single-source accountability for a full spectrum of product and service solutions to meet a wide variety of commercial roofing requirements.

Service is our best product®

Partners for the life of your building®