Achieving Success Through a Proven Process.

Garland representatives use this 10-step process to identify building envelope concerns and successfully resolve them, leading to one of the industry’s lowest warranty adjustment rates.

Garland 10-Step Process

The process includes:

  1. Visual inspection and survey
  2. Subsequent analytical testing, such as an infrared moisture scan, core analysis, or laboratory evaluation
  3. Detailed electronic documentation to help you track and manage building envelope assets
  4. Comprehensive written assessments comparing solutions and offering recommendations
  5. Assistance preparing construction documents, including comprehensive engineering services, custom details, and specifications
  6. Recommendation of pre-approved Garland authorised contractors
  7. Project management services to facilitate project scheduling, budgeting, and logistics
  8. Installation monitoring to ensure that Garland materials are installed as specified
  9. Long-term single-source guarantee of leak-free performance
  10. Preventive maintenance programs to keep your building envelope in top condition

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