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Asbestos Roof Renovation

At Garland we offer an innovative solution for the renovation and restoration of cement roof panels which contain hazardous asbestos fibres. Utilising the Dura-Coat cold applied liquid waterproofing system extends the life of your roof without expensive removal and replacement or over-cladding.

What are the hazards of asbestos?

Many industrial and commercial construction projects completed earlier than the 1990s contain building materials that contain harmful asbestos minerals. One of the most common uses in construction was in corrugated cemment roof panels, a common site accros industrial esatates built during that time. Unknown at the time, asbestos has been found to cause respiratory disease and was subsequantly banned from use in the UK from 1999.

The removal and disposal of asbestos is an increasingly expensive operation which must be carried out by trained professionals due to the risks involved with potential inhilation. As a result, a popular solution is to encapsulate the cement panels using a liquid waterproofing membrane such as Dura-Coat or White Knight.

If you are unsure as to the presence of asbestos in your building envelope then Garland Engineering Services are on hand to assist. Our expert partners offer comprehensive surveys and material testing, asbestos removal, decontamination and air/pollution monitoring.

Encapsulate using a liquid waterproofing membrane

Using a liquid waterproofing membrane to encapsulate cement roofing panels containing asbestos minerals eliminates the need to remove and dispose of the hazardous materials. Application of our systems can be carried out with no disruption to your business operations with curing times of just 30 minutes at temperatures as low at 5°C. Coroded fixings can be replaced and large cracks and splits can be repaired using a grip polyester membrane and avoiding the cost of replacing panels. As partners for the lift of your building we offer complete peace of mind with guarentees of up to 20 years.

Our team are on hand throughout the entire project and can assist with all aspects of the envelope restoration process including:

  • Comprehensive condition surveys
  • Bespoke roof renovation specifications
  • Approved contractors
  • Regular site visits
  • Specialist asbestos cleaning services
  • Roof Asset Management Programme

Our team are hand to assist with all stages of your asbestos roof renovation project. To find out more about encapulation using liquid waterproofing systems contact your Regional Technical Manager or email

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