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Our exclusive software program (RAMP®) provides you with a customised, Web-based database containing all the relevant roofing information you need to make sound decisions regarding the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your roof. Our services are designed to appeal to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and public building markets, providing you with a myriad of service solutions suitable to your specific needs.

Roof Asset Management Programme

What is RAMP?

Like all assets, you cannot afford to have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality with your building envelope, especially the roof. Roofing is one of the most expensive investments that a building owner can make; so it pays to keep track of its performance.

The Garland Roof Asset Management Programme (RAMP®) with its integrated package of professional roof management services is designed to extend the longevity of your roofs, while increasing the value of your properties. Lost guarantees, inconsistent documentation from one facility to the next, neglected maintenance, lack of timely communication during work-in-progress and unanticipated loss of revenue related to emergency repairs. All these become problems of the past after organising your roofing records in the RAMP® customised database. You can document periodic maintenance, verify roof conditions and manage your roofing assets proactively.


  • Secure and Confidential
  • Roof Visits and Samples
  • Facility Summary
  • Inspection Report
  • Solution Options
  • Progress Report
  • Summary Reports and Charts


  • Protecting your information

    After all the information concerning a users property have been entered on the RAMP® system, the client will be allocated their own user name and password. Information can only be accessed following the input of these details. A separate area can be allocated for different properties therefore requiring independent passwords or the clients complete portfolio can be contained in one entry.

    Garland recognise its clients need for total security with its RAMP® database. Information cannot be accessed without due authority which ensures privacy and that all property portfolio details remain confidential to the user.

  • On-Site Inspections

    The first step on the RAMP® ladder is to initiate roof inspections by one of Garlands experienced technical professionals who will visit the site in order to make a thorough assessment of all areas under consideration. Based all around the UK, the Garland Team are without exception renowned for their technical knowledge based on many years of experience in the UK roofing industry.

    It will be necessary to assess the build up and condition of the roof by cutting core samples in the existing construction as well as ascertaining all other necessary information such as the level of falls and the thermal properties of the roofs in question.

    Using this and all other associated information, a thorough, professional report then can be compiled on all the properties within the RAMP® database.

  • Building Information

    A facility summary provides all necessary information regarding the property location, square meterage and client information. This is supported by a photographic record of the roofs that have been inspected, providing details of separate areas and locations.

    This tool assists the client in the future, by locating all areas by visual means and can serve as a useful reminder to the user of the individual areas of a property that may not have been visited for a long period of time.

  • Knowing your roof system

    To understand the future requirements of a roof it is necessary to assess the existing construction of each area to be included in the RAMP® database. Garlands technical representatives are fully experienced in accurately identifying different types of roof construction and will provide all the information necessary to correctly evaluate future works.

    Information will be provided concerning the age of the existing roof and construction build up, including the types of membrane present, the nature of the structural decking beneath the roof build up, whether the roof has any thermal value and if so the type of insulation present and where it is situated (cold roof or warm roof).

  • Detailed Analysis

    After establishing the details of construction RAMP® provides the client with accurate information regarding the actual condition of all the vital areas of each roof included.

    All this invaluable information enables the client to make the correct decisions where future maintenance or replacement is concerned based on accurate and up to date information concerning the roofs condition.

  • It's your choice

    Solutions might take the form of simple ongoing maintenance, partial restoration or perhaps complete replacement. Alternatively a choice of refurbishment recommendations might be included assisting the client to fit a solution to their budget.

    Accompanying the recommendations will be specifications for the works to be undertaken, a useful tool for clients when quotations are required or contracts are eventually sent out to tender. Accompanying all suggested solutions is an accurate budget estimate for the works required.

  • Accurate Monitoring

    Whilst contractors are on site Garland provides a roof monitoring service that ensures the quality of works being undertaken. Details of these visits will be entered onto the database thus enabling a RAMP® client to view progress reports on-line after a roof visit has been made. Another supremely useful tool included on the RAMP® database provided by Garland.

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