Services That Maximise Your Roof’s Life and Save You Money

Our exclusive software program (RAMP®) provides you with a customised, Web-based database containing all the relevant roofing information you need to make sound decisions regarding the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your roof. Our services are designed to appeal to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and public building markets, providing you with a myriad of service solutions suitable to your specific needs.

Technical Services

Whilst working with Garland, you can count on the most effective and efficient use of your financial budget as well as the highest quality in service and products.

By using the complimentary services available every Garland customer is promised quality, satisfaction, and the best resolution to ensure the longevity of your roof, building envelope and interior.

In order to fully understand your project, your Garland Regional Technical Manager will thoroughly inspect your existing roof. Examining the construction and condition of the insitu system as well as identifying any associated construction problems. Visual inspection may not be enough to determine the best solution for your roof. Additional tests such as infrared moisture detection and/or core samples may be necessary.

Equally at home in new-build or refurbishment situations, your Garland representative can help you better manage your investment by providing you with reports, photographs and drawings in our customized web access program RAMP® (Roof Asset Management Programme). These services are available on a one off project basis or as an annual service to update the condition of your complete roofing portfolio.

Not all roofs are the same. Therefore based on both visual and analytical evaluation, we will provide you with customised recommendations for your project, including budgets.

These recommendations might involve; specifications to repair and/or refurbish selected areas, the requirements for preventative maintenance or when necessary, total replacement specifications. Working alongside you, we will ensure that your project specification contains all the appropriate information to meet all relevant codes and practises before going out to tender.

Information pertaining to our approved contractor network is on the facing page but after selecting your contractor, we will regularly provide quality control inspections and written progress reports for both you and the contractor. On completion of the project, your Garland Regional Technical Manager will inspect the roof with you and examine all the details ensuring that the project has been carried out to your satisfaction and meets the strict criteria of Garland's' subsequent guarantee.

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