Adhesives Guaranteed to Create a Strong, Long-Lasting Bond

Garland offers an expansive line cold-applied adhesives, as well as a wide range of mastics that create a strong bond to adhere a variety of built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems, insulations, and deck types. Cold-applied adhesives provide eco-friendly characteristics that are critical to hospitals, schools, and other environmentally sensitive applications.


Product Description

Insul-Bond is a high foaming two part polyurethane adhesive suitable for adhering a wide rande of insulation materials including:

  • PIR
  • EPS
  • Foil faced
  • Tissue faced
  • Mineral wool

Insul-Bond provides a permanent polyurethane bond to substrates including concrete, OSB, plywood, ahsphalt and bituminous systems. Insul-Bond is ideal for appliation in sensitive areas as it is manufactured from bio renewable materials making it VOC and odour free.

features and benefits

Low Density Foam

The reaction of the components produces a low density foam which ensures minimal lifting of the insulation. Instead, the adhesive will spread across the surface improving the bond.

Fast Application

Insul-Bond offers rapid installation through the use of a battery powered applicator gun. This combined with a curing time of 10 - 15 minutes allows for fast installation of insulation boards.

Technical Data

Technical DataInsul-Bond
AppearanceMixed - Green
Temperature Resistance-20 to 120°C
Coverage9 - 14m2
Application Temperature0 to 30°C

Approvals and Certifications

FM Approval

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