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Garland offers an expansive line cold-applied adhesives, as well as a wide range of mastics that create a strong bond to adhere a variety of built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems, insulations, and deck types. Cold-applied adhesives provide eco-friendly characteristics that are critical to hospitals, schools, and other environmentally sensitive applications.


Product Description

Insul-Pro is a Moisture-Curing Polyurethane (MCPU) Canister Adhesive which allows you to apply insulation adhesive precisely and quickly. The advanced formulation is solventfree and is contained within a non-flammable pressurised canister system Insul-Pro is suitable for the professional bonding of a wide range of insulation boards to either a VCL or roof deck. Insul-Pro’s pressurised canister system allows you to apply the adhesive precisely and professionally and in a shorter amount of time than our standard hand-poured Insul-Lock MCPU adhesive.

Product advantages

Fast Application - Insul-Pro is up to 5 times faster to apply than a standard hand-poured MCPU adhesive, allowing you to minimise time on site.

Fast Curing - Insul-Pro cures much faster than a standard adhesive; in as little as 15 minutes in comparison to 30 minutes with standard MCPU adhesives.

Eliminates Wastage - The pressurised canister system allows to you to precisely control the amount of adhesive used and bead size laid, which eliminates wastage. One canister will cover up to 350m2 cutting down on empty container disposal and time consuming container opening.

No-Odour/Non-Flammable - Insul-Pro contains no solvent and is therefore very low in odour, minimising disruption to building occupants. The canister system also uses non-flammable gas which helps with on-site storage as the container is not subject to ADR regulations.

Quality Insulation Board Finish - Insul-Pro foams sufficiently to compensate for undulations in the substrate surface, whilst its adhesive properties ensure that the insulation board stays flat/even without the continued rise associated with standard MCPU adhesives.

Minimises Fatigue - Insul-Pro’s 3m hose and applicator system allows you to apply the adhesive without continually stooping over saving your back from fatigue and pain. Repetitive bending and stooping can also cause permanent back problems.

Technical Data

Technical DataInsul-Proth>
AppearanceMixed - Green
Temperature Resistance-30 to 150°C
Coverageup to 300m2
Application Temperature5 to 30°C

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