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Garland offers a complete range of coatings that enhance, restore, and repair your roofing systems. Our coatings are designed for use with single-ply, BUR, modified bitumen and metal substrates for a variety of slope configurations.

Garland PU Primer

Product Description

Garland PU Primer is a polyurethane primer specifically developed as a sealer or primer for polyurethane coatings such as our White Knight waterproofing system. Suitable substrates are concrete, asbestos, asphalt and wood.

Product Advantages

  • Prevents staining of coating system
  • Provides maximum surface adhesion
  • Dries quickly, reduces total job time



Technical Data

Technical DataGarland PU Primer
Flash Point25°C
Cure-Time2-6 hours
Packaging20 l
Coverage0.1 l/sqm (depending on porosity of substrate)

Approvals and Certifications

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