Roof Coatings That Maximise Your Return on Investment and Increase Energy Efficiency

Garland offers a complete range of coatings that enhance, restore, and repair your roofing systems. Our coatings are designed for use with single-ply, BUR, modified bitumen and metal substrates for a variety of slope configurations.


Energizer<sup>®</sup>K Plus FR

Energizer®K Plus FR

Multi-purpose, fire resistant, KEVLAR® reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane designed to restore and upgrade the surfacing component of a smooth-surfaced SBS, APP and built-up roofing systems.

Energizer K Plus FR

MetalWhite 2


MetalWhite 2 was specifically designed for application to metal roofs with unusual geometric designs. MetalWhite 2 can easily be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces and will give long lasting, colourful protection.

MetalWhite 2



Single-component, urethane liquid waterproofing membrane maintains, restore and upgrades the performance of single-ply, metal, asbestos or modified roof systems.


White-Knight Plus

White-Knight® Plus

Single-componet, urethane liquid waterproofing membrane designed to maintain, restore and upgrade the performance of existing single-ply, metal, asbestos and modified bitumen roof systems.

White-Knight Plus

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