R-MER TILE ST system is the modern high-performance metal solution for traditional roof tiles. Each individual profile is available in a selection of finishes to match your existing roof tiles.


Product Description

The R-MER TILE ST system provides all the advanctages of a modern steel roof with the aesthetics of a traditional tile. The system offers an extrememly lightweight alternatice to ceramic tile systems weighing less than 7kg/m2. This allows for easy handling of the panels and rapid installation. The R-MER TILE SF system is avaialbe in a choice of profiles and colours designed specifically to match traditional tile designs. This makes the system an excellent choice for roof replacement projects and for conservation of listed buildings.

R-MER TILE SF is manufactured with the highest quality New Zealand Steel and naturally occuring granules. As a result the system comes complete with a 25 year guarantee ensuring your building is protected for the future.

Product Advantages

  • Non combustible Class A fire rating
  • Rapid installation
  • Heat and freeze thaw resistant
  • Highly wind resistant up to 100mph
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Suitable for minimum pitch of 12.5°
  • Low weight, less than 7kg/m2