Architectural and structural standing seam roof system ideal for re-roof applications, mansards, and new construction.


Product Description

Garland R-Mer Clad metal profile roof systems are high-quality, high-performance roofing systems with exceptional durability and long life-cycle affordability. Designed for new roofing or over-cladding refurbishment projects, R-Mer Clad can be the right solution to many roofing problems.


R-MER CLAD metal profile is available in a comprehensive range of colours in HPS200 Plastisol and Polyester on galvanised steel grade Zig275N. The panels are available in 0.7mm or 0.5mm gauge steel.

fire properties

Manufactured from steel, the R-Mer Clad F33/1000 is designated as AA to BS-476 Part 3 and is classed under the European Standard EN 13501-5 : 2005 at BROOF (t4).


A full range of accessories including flashings, trims, gutters, fixings, louvres, ridge vents and soakers, GRP translucent roof lights are also available. For more information contact your Regional Technical Manager and see how Garland waterproofing systems can help you.


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