Garland's Modified Bitumen Membranes Provide Unmatched Roofing Protection

Garland manufactures some of the strongest, toughest modified bitumen membranes available in the roofing industry. By developing unique combinations of polymers, such as SBS, SIS, and SEBS, we have continuously extended the service life of our modified bitumen systems. The use of superior polymers along with high-strength reinforcements ensures customers receive the maximum life-cycle return on their capital roofing investment.

Torch Flex Ultra-Vent

Product Description

Torch Flex Ultra Vent is a high performance torch applied underlay, utilising adhesive strips on the underside, which allow for trapped vapour to disperse throughout the roof system.

Torch Flex Ultra Vent is a high performance torch base sheet, which utilises elasto-plastomer low melting adhesive stripes on the underside that when bonded to the top of the insulation boards, allow any trapped vapour to evenly disperse throughout the Ultra Vent underlay membrane, therefore eliminating the build up of pressure within the system which would otherwise ultimately creating a blister.

The unique adhesive qualities of the thermo plastic bitumen strips also ensure bonding qualities equal to that of a traditional roofing system using conventional venting underlays.

The underside of the membrane is coated with a light burn off backer, which identifies the correct application temperature to the installer; therefore leaving the areas between the thermo plastic adhesive clear of any bitumen or bleed out, allowing the sheet to ‘breath’. By using Garland’s Torch Flex Ultra Bond metal lined vapor barrier in conjunction with Torch Flex Ultra Vent and StressPly® membranes we are able to create a roof system that has a reduced installation cost but does not compromise the quality and life expectancy of the completed system. Torch Flex Ultra Vent is reinforced with a high strength polyester scrim, which adds strength to the completed system.

Product Advantages

  • Venting Properties
  • Superior tensile and tear strength
  • Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) rubber
  • Security in multi-ply construction
  • Excellent Chemical and Bacteria Resistance



Technical Data

Technical DataTorch Flex Ultra-Vent
Tensile Strength600 / 500 N/50mm
Length8 m
Width1 m
Nominal Thickness3 mm
Low Temp. Flexibility-20?C

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