Garland's Modified Bitumen Membranes Provide Unmatched Roofing Protection

Garland manufactures some of the strongest, toughest modified bitumen membranes available in the roofing industry. By developing unique combinations of polymers, such as SBS, SIS, and SEBS, we have continuously extended the service life of our modified bitumen systems. The use of superior polymers along with high-strength reinforcements ensures customers receive the maximum life-cycle return on their capital roofing investment.

StressPly® Signature

Product Description

StressPly Signature is a superior performing modified bitumen membrane. Formulated with SBS modifiers allows for easy application with low-melt properties and extreme cold bending flexibility. The membrane has superior tensile strength utilising a composite polyester and fibreglass reinforcement. StressPly Signature offers our highest cold bending performance down to temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

StressPly Signature upper surface is finished with mineral slate while the lower face is laminated with thermo-fusible polyethylene film. The StressPly Signature system offers a 30 year no limit guarantee.

Product Advantages

  • High U.V Resistance
  • Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) rubber
  • Superior tensile and tear strength
  • Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Excellent Chemical and Bacteria Resistance
  • Factory-applied mineral surfacing


Brown Mineral
Grey Mineral

Technical Data

Technical DataStressPly Signature
Tensile Strength1200 / 1000 N/50mm
Length5 m
Width1 m
Nominal Thickness5.5 mm
Low Temp. Flexibility-30?C

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